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Explore Amenities at Tripura | Tripura Constructions

Life always dreams of comforts and luxuries. We all wish to provide excellent comforts and a luxurious life to our families and Tripura Constructions is here to lend a helping hand in fulfilling your expectations. To their credit they have a number of…

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Know About Registration Charges and Stamp Duty Rates

Owning a house is a beautiful dream and we all desire to cherish it but the extra expenses that come up even after paying the cost of the house should be known to us. One should be aware of the registration charges and the Stamp Duty Rates that have to be…

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Healthy Investments for Future | Tripura Constructions

Everyone with a status and who earns more than required, wants to multiply his earnings by investing in one or the other way. No doubt you can get good returns with a number of investments but at high risks. One should always go for healthy investments which can be helpful…

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Tech-enabled Construction – Ropes in Quality

Technology is being used in almost all sectors of real estate. Even construction industry has adopted a number of technologies because it has realised that tech-enabled construction ropes in quality. Technology in the construction sector…

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Role of Drones in Construction Sector

Look Up in the sky. There is no limit to human intelligence. You can see drones flying on the construction sites. Man has created drones which can be used in positive and negative ways but construction sector has identified…

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Pandemic Demands More Space From Real Estate

After living in lockdown and with Covid 19 threat round the clock, life is getting confined within the four walls of the house. Since ages, a house has had a special place in our lives as it offers safety and security from the climate…

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