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We have space for your pet

For those who introduce their pet, as family, you don’t have to think twice!

Tripura Constructions is one amongst Hyderabad’s very few real estate companies that have gone above and beyond in being intentional about what your family’s needs are. Tripura Construction’s Green Alpha opens its doors for you and your family, pets included. This is not just allowing you to have your pet under the same roof as you but providing your pet, a healthy ad thriving atmosphere to live in by including a dog park where you and your pet can hang out!

Why is it such a big deal, you may ask?

In a survey conducted in 2019, close to 70 per cent of those who own pets in India said their cities are not very pet-friendly. According to India International Pet Trade Fair the pet population in India has grown from 7 million in 2006 to 10 million in 2014; which mean that on an average 6, 00,000 pets are adopted every year. Even with those numbers, there are projects being laid out and designed where they did not have pet-friendly parks and open spaces included. Most often than not, in most neighbourhoods, pet dogs are not allowed near or around a park. Those who prefer living in rental apartments continue to face problems in finding a house because they have a pet. Incidents of neighbours ignoring or disliking their pet friendly neighbours are a common thing prevalent in India.

An exclusive dog park located within Green Alpha, one of Hyderabad’s first ever, ‘vertical forest’ themed townships of 2&3 BHK Luxury Apartments at Tellapur, pet owners can seriously plan in making the right move, now!

Every project is designed and delivered by keeping you and your needs in mind. We believe that providing space for people who care for all living things are the real soul of Green Alpha. 

An advantage you have now is that you have not moved into your Green Alpha Apartment yet. Here are a few ideas on how you can create space for your pet in your home:

Minimalist Mindset:

Think about the adage, “Less is more.” The less you fill your space with the more space you have for movement, for everyone to enjoy the energy and light flowing through. Keeping it minimalistic will help you create the space for your pet to stay happy and active. Think of not moving in with too much of accessories made of glass. Consider proper wiring options for all your gadgets at home that would not interfere with your pet’s movement.
Fur Friendly Furniture: If you are already a pet parent/pet owner, you can think of how differently you can set up your new home.  You might want to get rid of that upholstered sofa set and get a faux leathered one instead. Easy to maintain if your pet is fury and goes through periods of shedding. And if you are a going-to-be owner of a pet, you can choose the kind of pet you want to adopt that would be best suited for your space. Pro-tip: Avoid carpets. 

Keeping it Clean: Organize your monthly schedule in such a way that it includes deep cleaning, vacuum cleaning and sanitizing (only if required). It is important that you ensure that you keep your space clean. This would not only ensure your pet lives in clean and hygienic conditions but also you create an atmosphere within the community you live in.

Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride:  It was Onida’s tagline in the early 90s but you must always consider the fact that you may have neighbours who may not be pet owners, let alone be tolerant to animals. We are certain that you are a proud owner of a lovely pet. Plan ahead, if your new member of the family needs training. Most cats and dogs need to be trained and disciplined especially if they are moving into an apartment from an independent house. 

Develop strong bonds: An advantage of community living is that you have an opportunity to interact, engage and develop bonds that could last a lifetime. Just like brisk walking and playing a sport at the Club House, you could also invite your neighbours or friends to walk your pets together as it gives the pets an opportunity to mingle with fellow fur balls.

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