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Tripura Lends Hand to Save Soil | Tripura Constructions

We all have been enjoying the gifts from the Divine for ages and hardly bothered about preserving them because all these bounties were in plenty. It is a fact that everything comes to an end, so is true with nature. We all had been very harsh with the environment and the result is – that it began to deplete. We realized this fact and now most of us are working on saving the environment. Now the time has come where we need to save the soil too and Tripura lends a helping hand in this global mission. It is our duty to preserve the blessings of Nature for our future generations.

1. ‘Save Soil’ Campaign – Gaining Momentum

Save Soil is a global movement that is gaining momentum. This talks about land degradation and ways to make the soil healthy. Launched by an Indian spiritual leader Sadhguru and presented on 5 April at the United Nations in Geneva by the Isha Foundation, this Save Soil movement is now supported by the WHO, UN SDG lab, and IUCN. This Global movement is to raise awareness about soil degradation and advocate for bringing the organic matter back to agricultural processes.

Tripura Constructions walks with the world and is always ready to save nature and the environment. This time, the mission is to Save Soil and Tripura is ready to lend a helping hand in this global movement.

2. What Happened to The Soil

On account of persistent deforestation and urbanization, industrial pollution, overgrazing, and unsustainable agricultural practices, almost 50 % of the world’s soil is already degraded. This loss can become disastrous over a few years. It predicts and threatens various aspects like food quality and supply, water security, and biodiversity. It will also impinge on the increase in carbon emissions and climate-related risks. This will result in loss of livelihoods, conflict, and migration.

This is the time when we all have to work on bringing a change in farming practices to save the world from the approaching hazards. The planet now needs a common vision to protect and restore biodiversity on farms and in agricultural landscapes. We, in the world, need sustainable agriculture practices to conserve nature and protect the planet. It is an undeniable fact that, if the soil is healthy, it will produce healthy food and in turn impart health to our bodies. We all have to go for organic production which is devoid of pesticides and insecticides. It is time to safeguard, nurture and sustain the soil.  

3. Why To Save the Soil

The topsoil of our planet is in danger now. Already forty percent of the world’s topsoil has been lost. According to the United Nations, approximately eighty to hundred harvests of soil is left, which means, we can have agriculture only for another forty-five to sixty years. After this, there won’t be any soil to produce food. Drastic sufferings will unfold on the planet if no precautionary measures are taken now.

When we talk about India, Thirty percent of the land is already degraded and almost 90% of the soil is turning into deserts due to various reasons. In these conditions, nothing can be cultivated here. This is an alarming situation. Protecting the soil for future generations is a dire necessity in India. In such startling and frightening situations, Tripura Constructions is ready to lend a helping hand to save soil. It can do whatever best possible to repair this situation and bring positive results. It feels that there is a need for soil revitalization if we want to save soil from turning into deserts. 

4. Need for Soil Revitalization

At this crucial moment, we need to revitalize the soil, which might take 15-25 years if we go at it in a hostile way. We need to have Organic Content to build healthy soil. Some fertilizers or a tractor cannot do this job when the soil is about to deplete. It is on the verge of turning into a desert. It needs some organic content which we can get from trees and leaves. The fallen leaves of trees and animal waste will preserve the topsoil. So now, we need to plant trees instead of chopping them down and also have a proper number of animals that are required for this purpose. The old Planning Commission of India has already set the national aspiration, according to which thirty-three percent of India should be under shade if we desire to preserve the soil.

We also need to plan for Tree-based agriculture to improve the ecological levels. Meat consumption has to be reduced. The vast land that is used to raise animals and their food can be exchanged for Tree-based agriculture. It is not completely giving off meat consumption, but it is just reducing it by 50 %.

As we are the reason for the destruction of the topsoil of our planet, it is our duty to find a solution and then repair it for future generations. Tripura is ready to lend a helping hand to save the soil of the country. If the soil is organically rich and healthy, then the planet will be capable of regenerating itself and preventing the ecological disaster that is making its way.

5. Tripura Lends Hand to Save Soil

Tripura has already jumped on the bandwagon of saving the environment. It has already stepped into sustainable real estate development and its projects include environmentally-friendly design techniques, materials, and technologies in their construction. Tripura aims to reduce its carbon footprint and the impact of the venture on the environment so that homeowners enjoy reduced energy costs. Now Tripura is all set to lend a helping hand in the mission of ‘Save Soil.’

One such accomplishment of Tripura, to save the environment, is its Vertical Gardens at Green Alpha of Tellapur. The green features at Green Alpha reduce the carbon footprints and help the planet. The first Hi-Rise Gated community with its vertical forest theme is Green Alpha of Tripura, at Tellapur. Vertical gardens help to save electricity and keep the atmosphere and the houses cool in summers and warm in winters. They serve as insulation to buildings. They keep the atmosphere pollution free, both noise and air pollution are taken care of. Planting Vertical gardens is a popular and modern concept that is utilized in Green Alpha by Tripura Constructions. These plants and trees improve both indoor and outdoor air quality by removing harmful volatile organic compounds and absorbing pollutants. They are also aesthetically gratifying to the eyes and impart beauty to the environment. Vertical gardens also have an amazing environmental impact in saving and protecting them.

Tripura realizes that it has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the community and it will lend its share in saving the environment and the soil. It has already taken the operational initiative in the environmental and social categories. It has created ventures which help to reduce carbon footprint, improve energy efficiency, and reduce waste, water use, and emissions. By developing gated communities, Tripura is already serving to strengthen social communities where you find diverse, local, and socially responsible owners at their ventures. They are from different castes and communities and present unity in diversity.  Now that the Global Movement is launched to Save Soil, Tripura Constructions is ready to lend a helping hand in this global mission.



Pallavi Krishna

– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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