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In this era of modern lifestyle, a lot of comforts and luxuries are provided by the gated communities. Premium apartments, villas, and villaments are on the run. It looks as if we are able to achieve everything that the heart desires. Being a human we also desire to have some magical powers which can do our work at our command. Yes! This is not a fairy tale. Technology is so very advanced that it can fulfill your this desire too. You can use smart technology and convert your homes to smart homes. Then we can say that smart homes are for smart people. These smart homes are Hi-end intelligent homes and ‘Home-Automation’ is the current term used for such homes.

1. Know About Home Automation

Home Automation is the use of technology to automate your home. It is usually called ‘Smart Home Technology’. It allows you to control almost every aspect of your home through the Internet of Things (IoT) or Home Automation. Nowadays it is used for various home appliances like home security, controlling appliances, monitoring energy use, as a personal assistant and it can also help you in looking after the elderly or disabled and much more.

2. Types of Home Automation

Two types of Home Automation are available to convert your homes into smart homes. The Central Home Automation System controls the entire home with a single Central Control. You can operate all your electronics from a single location. It also controls the security systems of your house. Smart homes are for smart people.

The second one is the App-Controlled Home Automation which functions on an app-based Smart-Home Technology. This technology communicates with the Cloud via your home network and Cloud technology is an essential component of the Internet of Things. Most of the app-based intelligent gadgets can be connecting them to your home network through Wi-Fi linked to a central server. You can access all these gadgets through an application on your smartphone.

3. Home Equipment Which can be Smart

Here are a few pieces of home equipment that can be smart and help smart people live smart life.

3.1. Smart Speakers

These are no more the regular speakers. When they are smart, they operate as your personal secretary. They can do searches on the internet, inform you about the weather conditions, get news for you, and also can act as a centralized PowerPoint for your whole Smart-Home system. In fact with these smart and intelligent speakers, you can cover every part of your house only with your voice.

3.2. Smart TVs

These are smart electronic gadgets that allow you to view whatever you want, even if you do not have a cable connection. A smart TV also refers to all IoT video streaming devices. You can connect with various streaming services, either directly from the device or you can also get a system that can connect to your regular TV and make it smart. You can connect the smart TV to the internet through apps and also include voice or gesture recognition. Smart TVs are found in smart homes and they are for smart people.

3.3. Smart Thermostat

As they are smart, they learn the behavior of the homeowners and automatically modify settings as per their requirements. They also report the use of energy and remind users to change filters.

3.4. Automated Lighting

Light Automation comes with two possibilities. You can either install smart switches through an app or use smart bulbs. These smart bulbs can change ordinary lights into intelligent lighting. They can dim or brighten up as per the need and can also detect when humans are in the room. They can regulate the brightness accordingly.

3.5. Smart Security System

There are smart locks that help owners to grant or deny access to visitors. They can also detect the presence of owners and unlock the doors for them. A smart security camera is another security gadget that can help the owners monitor their homes when they are away from their homes or on vacation. The presence of sensors makes the security system smarter. It can identify the difference between residents, visitors, pets, and thieves and can notify the owners if any suspicious behavior is noticed.

3.6. Smart Kitchen Appliances

There are a number of smart kitchen appliances that can reduce your work and make life easier. A smart coffee maker can prepare a fresh cup of coffee, automatically, at a programmed time. There are smart refrigerators that can keep a track of expiration dates, make shopping lists, etc. Smart refrigerators can tell you how often they are being accessed. They can also alert the owner if the door is left open. These refrigerators come with one of the features, a few or all of them. Smart Ovens are very smart. They allow you to control them from anywhere. All these gadgets are app compatible and for smart people.

4. Smart Homes for Smart People

In this digital world, smart people want to live a modern life that is technology-controlled. A smart home is a home that uses internet-connected devices to enable remote monitoring of your house. It is a home that is equipped with heating, lighting, and electronic devices that can be remotely controlled through IoT.  Home technology works together in one system through an app that can be used on a smartphone or a computer. The gadgets used in home-like speakers, TVs, security cameras, locks, and kitchen appliances can now be connected through an app to form home automation. You can manage all of your home appliances and electronic gadgets from one place. You can control your home from any remote place.

Newly built homes are constructed with smart home infrastructure but that doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy this home automation. The homes which are already constructed and do not have home automation can also be retrofitted with smart technologies. It surely doesn’t mean that one has to throw away all the existing appliances and purchase the smart ones. The existing ones only can be modified with smart switches, smart plugs, smart LED lights, motion-sensing lights, etc. But before everything, you will need a fast Wi-Fi connection to enjoy a modern and technology-based lifestyle. Basically smart homes are for smart people who can use modern technology through IoT and get pleasure from their lifestyle.


Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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