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Tripura Gives Priority To Your Health | Tripura Constructions

Health is the greatest gift and in the present scenario, post-pandemic, it is essential to take care of yourself. You should give priority to your health. If you are physically fit and content, then you will have a sense of well-being. Tripura Constructions always give priority to your health and the amenities and luxuries provided at the ventures of Tripura also help you to maintain your health

1. What is Being Healthy

Being healthy means handling stress and living an active life without falling ill or without getting attacked by diseases. It is a state of complete emotional, mental, social, and physical well-being and not merely the absence of illness. A healthy lifestyle helps to achieve perfect health and this healthy lifestyle can be adopted at the ventures of Tripura where you find amenities that are meant to keep you healthy. It is a fact that Tripura Constructions gives priority to your health. A healthy person can serve himself, his community, and his nation. He can also take care of his family. A person with good health remains stress-free and mentally well-balanced. He also develops good social relations among the community. 

2. Tripura Gives Priority to Your Health

The ventures of Tripura are loaded with amenities that take care of your physical and mental health as well as your social ties or relationships. Tripura gives priority to your health in the following ways. 

2.1. Tripura Provides an Integrated Lifestyle

The residents of Tripura are able to access a plethora of amenities and communal facilities that help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Built on greener concepts, residents get to breathe quality air that promotes healthy living. The aesthetically pleasing environment helps to promote cleaner and greener surroundings. Senior citizens can relax in this green environment that soothes the senses. The ventures of Tripura promote healthy living because it gives priority to your health.

2.2. Green Alpha Offers a Healthy Life

Green Alpha is a marvelous creation of Tripura Constructions at Tellapur. It is a vertical forest-themed township spread over 5.15 acres. It encloses 520 Hi-end 2 and 3 BHK apartments. Tripura gives priority to your health. Hence, Over 57 % of the open area is left for the residents where they can keep themselves fit and active. The dense green forest wrap offers a number of advantages to society. Trees and thick green foliage reduce the temperature of your house. Green grass is a natural coolant and helps to reduce the heat, offering a pleasant temperature. Plants improve the quality of the air and also increase oxygen levels of the air. Green Alpha has pure air and without pollution, it definitely provides a healthy atmosphere. Trees also reduce noise pollution and provide a peaceful atmosphere. Spending time outdoors and remaining close to nature benefits mental health. Means of entertainment are also available at Green Alpha. An Amphitheatre is a good way to spend weekends and relax. A calm mind and a healthy body keep you fit and fine. One can live a healthy lifestyle at Green Alpha with a number of amenities that take care of your health.  Green Meditation Space soothes your mind and offers good mental health. A walking track and a cycling track along with other amenities give you an opportunity to spend some time with nature. Time spent with nature gives you peace of mind. Green Alpha gives priority to your health.

2.3. Amenities Help to Maintain Physical Health

Physical health requires a healthy and balanced diet with regular exercise. When you are physically fit, you protect your heart and lungs in addition to the other advantages of fitness. A fully loaded gymnasium is available at the ventures of Tripura. A Swimming Pool, Outdoor and indoor games, walking, and jogging tracks help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

2.4. Tripura Helps to Maintain Mental Health

Good physical health with good mental health helps to improve the quality of life of a person. Mental health is also associated with emotional health. Overall, it is psychological well-being which includes the way you feel about yourself and also the quality of relationships you maintain with others. It also includes the way you manage your feelings and emotions. Actually, mental health plays a major role in maintaining your physical health. Depression, stress, and anxiety prevent a person from participating in healthy activities. The presence of a Clubhouse with meditation and yoga corners helps you to maintain your mental health. The serene and peaceful atmosphere soothes your thoughts, keeps you calm, and rejuvenates your senses. It also helps you to overcome stress, depression, and anxiety. 

The greenery spread all around and the appealing and aesthetic landscapes of Green Alpha also help to maintain good mental health. Spending time outdoors and remaining close to nature can ensure longevity and detoxification of the body, thus giving a peaceful mind. The ventures of Tripura provide ample opportunities where you can enjoy nature. 

2.5. Strengthens Social Relationships

Social relationships are very essential in living a happy life. This relationship also affects the physical and mental health of a person. At the ventures of Tripura, the residents get ample chances to develop friendly ties with the other residents of the society. The Clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, outdoor and indoor activities are some of the places where you can develop social relationships. 

Kids, those who grow with other children undergo holistic development. Kids at the ventures of Tripura get an exclusive area, i.e Kid’s Play Area to shed out excess energy. They can also play during unscheduled time as there are ample open pockets for kids to explore. They learn various ethics of life. Social relationships can instill a sense of responsibility, love, and concern for others.

Good physical and mental health contributes to the happiness and well-being of a person. As Tripura gives priority to your health, it has arranged the amenities in such a way that they take care of your physical and mental health and impart a happy and healthy life. A healthy person is more active and productive. The amenities at the ventures of Tripura provide a healthy lifestyle. These ventures include a gym, swimming pool, Play area, Outdoor and indoor games, yoga and meditation corners, aesthetic and calm atmosphere, quality air due to greenery, and much more. Tripura provides a healthy atmosphere as it gives priority to your health.


Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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