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Villas Support New Normal | Tripura Constructions

We all know that our house is the safest place and we are secure during calamities, like the recent pandemic. But all houses do not support the new normal of life. At times we find it difficult to maintain social distancing in our apartments. Use of lifts also does not support new normal. Villas can support new normal as it has various features that help you and your family follow the new norms of life after the pandemic.

Life After Pandemic

Life has taken a complete U-turn post pandemic. After facing a devastating state of adversity, we all have learnt to face and endure all tactics to curb the pandemic. This fear of pandemic is still hovering around as we come to know about one or the other variant found in some or the other country. Actually one variant has even entered in our city. So, in such conditions it is essential to live with the new normal and take all precautions as we had been taking during the pandemic. Our houses are the best shelter and a secure place from these variants but at times we are not able to follow the new normal for lack of space or ventilation in our homes. It is extremely important to be cautious and take more precautions when we know that the deadly disaster is floating around. Villas support new normal as it can satisfy those safety measures which are a bit difficult to follow if more members are cramped in a small house.


Villas From Tripura

Tripura Constructions who leaves a trail for others to follow in realty sector, has spacious and well ventilated villas which support the new normal. These villas are available at the magnanimous venture, Tripura Landmark III at Bowrampet and offer an elegant and luxurious lifestyle.  These are 3 BHK duplex independent luxurious villas built in a gated villa community. It is well connected to Hi-Tech City and ORR and maintains a good physical as well as social infrastructure. Based on Vastu, you get a choice to select an east facing or a west facing villa.

Each villa has G +1 with a large living room, a master bedroom, and a kitchen on the ground floor. To keep the kids safe, a children’s bedroom and a guest room along with a balcony are available on the first floor. Complete privacy and safety can be enjoyed in these villas. Neighbors are not next door, so that you do not get any disturbance from their end. These villas support the new normal and you get all space to maintain social distancing, if need arises.

One needs to maintain your health in this atmosphere and a fully loaded gym will support you in this task. Health is wealth and it has become more precious after the world saw the drastic effects of Corona. The open green spaces, the pleasant atmosphere, pollution free air and the gym support the new normal and help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can breathe fresh air and spend some time with nature so that you strengthen your mental wellness too.

For the leisure and entertainment of the residents, an expansive Clubhouse spread over three stories and with a host of recreational facilities is available at Tripura Landmark III. One gets a number of options for all the ages to enjoy leisure. Live a life following the new normal with your family at the villas of Tripura Landmark III.


Villas Support New Normal

We all are used to a few safety measures as new normal but there are still a few measures that are difficult to follow in community life but can be easily maintained if you are living in a villa. It is not easy to maintain social distancing when you are using a lift and one has to use it at least once or twice

every day. Hygiene is also an issue in using a lift. You cannot avoid touching the buttons or the door of the lift. One does not have to face this issue if you are living in a villa. You do not have to use the common lift. You get to use very few common areas where you are likely to touch the common surfaces in gated communities of villas.

Kids also get ample space in villas and they can play at home rather than going to common areas in drastic situations. In this way they will also remain away from the crowd and remain protected. Due to ample space, kids can have a jolly good time in villas.

Being airy and well ventilated, you also get another feature of new normal. You and your family can breathe fresh air. Villas are usually in gated communities which have lovely landscapes and greenery around. The environment is pollution free and you get quality air to breathe. Nowadays, we all have become health conscious and want to keep up our immune system. Villas support this new normal too. One lives in pollution free atmosphere and can breathe fresh and quality air. This will strengthen your lungs and keep you and your family fit and healthy.

The fear of social distancing is also much reduced if you are in a villa because they are spacious and resolves this problem. Even if anyone in the family falls sick in a villa, you can keep him in isolation easily and you will not face the issue of space, otherwise in cramped houses, it gets difficult to keep someone in isolation. Life in villas offers privacy and freedom and this privacy serves as a feature of new normal where you do not have to face the other residents even if you step out of the house. It is easy to maintain a safe physical distance from others even though your villa is in a gated community.

Villas of Tripura Landmark III of Bowrampet support the new normal, so why not own a villa and live life as per the new normal. Life is precious and it has to be safeguarded from the pandemic which is in the air.


Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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