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Theme Based Ventures Are on Rise | Tripura Constructions

Fashion and trends of lifestyle keep changing, so is with real estate. Innovative methods are brought in to keep up with the altering trends. Realestate market is overflowing with residential projects and various trends are introduced to bring some fascination in life. One such trend in the residential sector is theme based ventures which are on the rise. Tripura Constructions stands out in the crowd of real estate with its innovative and theme based venture ‘Green Alpha’.  

1. The Rising Trend

The demands of life are on the rise. Earlier, the basic necessities were only needed to live a comfortable life but the needs and necessities began to grow and man has reached a stage where he needs a number of amenities to live a luxurious life. The demands kept growing and home buyers who used to get fascinated by amenities like swimming pools, clubhouse, gymnasium and indoor game rooms are now looking for something more and different. This is the moment when theme based residential ventures are introduced with attractive themes and glamorous concepts. A rising trend is noticed in the reality sector. The high-end buyers are more attracted by the alluring outside world and aspire to live a stunning life. They aspire for an embellished life with their families in theme based apartments. That is the reason theme based ventures are in demand and on the rise.

2. Tripura Walks  With  the Trend

High on novelty, sophistication and style, theme based residential ventures are on the rise and Tripura Constructions is known to walk with the trend. Tripura Constructions have been in the field of real estate for more than a decade and have carved a name for themselves. With commitment and passion, they are at the pinnacle of success and know how to flow with the trend. As the theme based ventures are on the rise, they are ready with their novel contribution to the trend in the form of Green Alpha, a vertical forest themed venture at Tellapur. 

They are innovative in their concepts and have introduced a classy theme in the form of ‘Green Alpha’, a vertical forest themed township at Tellapur for the newest and the brilliant crop of home buyers. This is an impressive creation of Tripura Constructions which is decked with breathtaking vertical gardens in a theme based manner. The vertical forest-like green enviable setting exhibits grand and serene beauty which tickles the aesthetic senses. Green Alpha gives a style spin and redefines the art of luxury living. Theme based houses are residential complexes based on certain themes and they are getting popular among the millennials. Trends keep changing and so does the taste of the home buyers. Tripura identifies the taste of the high-end buyers and walks with the ongoing trends. Tripura has Green Alpha, a vertical forest themed venture at Tellapur.

3. Theme  Based  Venture  of  Tripura

Being the first ever high rise gated community with vertical forest apartments and one of its kinds in the City of Pearls, Green Alpha forms a canopy over the township and embeds a slice of nature in this venture. It is a vertical forest themed venture where vertical structures or vertically suspended panels are used to create a vertical garden. The technique of hydroponics is used in this theme venture.  Large panels set up vertically and covered with selected plants create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere and also provide a number of benefits in addition to adding an aesthetic atmosphere. These planters support plants and help them grow vertically.

Located at just 20 min away from the Mumbai Highway at Tellapur, Green Alpha spreads over an area of 5.15 acres. This theme based venture holds 6 imperially constructed towers with 10 floors in each. With a lavish expanse of 57% open area embellished with greenery, Green Alpha offers luxurious 2 and 3 BHK apartments where you can witness green outdoors as well as indoors.  

4. Advantages  of  Themed  Vertical  Gardens

4.1. Offers  Cool  Summers

The canopy over the township and the vertical gardens help to regulate the temperatures in summer. They insulate the apartments from heat and protect them from air and noise pollution. These vertical gardens work as a screen or a barrier and regulate temperatures in summers. They bring down the cooling cost, regulate humidity and also supply quality air. This dense green forest wrap   regulates outdoor as well as indoor temperatures

4.2. Supports  New  Normal

In the present times, when all of us have become health conscious and trying to strengthen our immune system, Green Alpha proves to be the best place which supports this new norm. One gets bountiful fresh and quality air for your lungs due to the lavish expanse of greenery and vertical themed gardens. Presence of numerous plants, shrubs and trees in the outdoor and indoor plants inside the house purify the air and then strengthens our lungs.  

4.3. Develops  Mental  Wellness

In this busy life, we hardly get any time to cherish nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and in the serenity of Tellapur, you can rejuvenate your senses and soothe your mind. Spending time outdoors close to nature can ensure longevity and also help to detoxify the body. 

4.4. Space of  Lungs

Vertical forests of Green Alpha are the lungs of this theme based venture. They purify the air of this gigantic theme based venture and provide fresh strength to proceed with the daily grinding of life. We all need to spend some time with nature and Green Alpha provides ample opportunities to spend time in the lap of nature. These vertical gardens serve as the space of lungs where you can strengthen your lungs at any time of the day because a fresh and cool atmosphere is available round the clock.

4.5. Helps to Maintain Urban Biodiversity

This theme based venture supports biodiversity and focuses on the relationship between humans and other living species. It creates an ecosystem where different plants of the vertical garden create a vertical environment. This vertical environment can get inhabited by birds and insects. 


Hence we can conclude by saying that Green Alpha is a theme based venture and brings a healthy and fun-filled life for the high-end home buyers. 



Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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