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Explore Amenities at Tripura | Tripura Constructions

Life always dreams of comforts and luxuries. We all wish to provide excellent comforts and a luxurious life to our families and Tripura Constructions is here to lend a helping hand in fulfilling your expectations. To their credit they have a number of laudable ventures which hold excellent amenities. Let’s explore the amenities at the ventures of Tripura Constructions.

1. All Ventures are Gated Communities

A residential society enclosed by boundaries on all sides and guarded by security at the entrance and exits are said to be today’s modern gated community. All ventures of Tripura Constructions are gated communities with ample amenities that provide comforts and luxuries to its residents. Tripura Landmark III, Tripura Galaxy and Green Alpha are the ongoing projects which are on the verge of completion.

Green Alpha which creates an image of green green everywhere, is in fact drenched in greenery. The 6 majestically constructed towers with 10 floors of Green Alpha are located at Tellapur. There are in all 520 Hi-end 2 and 3 BHK vibrant community apartments that are based on the theme of vertical forest. Life at Green Alpha is healthy as one gets fresh and quality air to breathe always. The dense green forest of trees forms a canopy over the tall buildings. These well planned vertical gardens regulate humidity and maintain temperatures. They also keep the temperatures low during the summers. The luxurious amenities provide a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to its residents. They also enjoy a number of amenities to relax during leisure.  

Tripura Landmark III, is a fabulous venture of Tripura Constructions which is on the verge of completion. Situated at Bowrampet these are magnificently built 3 BHK duplex and independent luxurious villas. Built in a gated community Tripura Landmark III has a good infrastructure –both physical as well as social. These duplex villas offer utmost privacy and are built on G+I design. With a large living room, a master bedroom and a kitchen on ground floor, these villas have a children’s bedroom, a guest room and a balcony on the first floor. With a number of amenities, life in these villas becomes comfortable and luxurious. In view of the new normal, where we all are in need of extra space in our homes, life in these villas will be as per the new normal, where you can get the extra space as well as privacy and social distancing from the society.

Tripura galaxy is a galaxy of 107 apartments at Tellapur which is just a few minutes drive from Hi-Tech City. These 2 & 3 BHK apartments are spacious, equipped with modern facilities and provided with well ventilating spaces. They, like other ventures of Tripura Constructions, provides luxurious facilities and one can have a comfortable life at Tripura Galaxy. Own an apartment at Tripura Galaxy and explore the amenities for a comfortable life.

2.Explore Amenities at Tripura

The ventures of Tripura provide a comfortable and luxurious life for its residents. Life at the ventures of Tripura gives the feel of living within a community where you get to meet people of your taste and where you celebrate various festive occasions together. Explore the amenities provided here and provide yourself and your family a chance to enjoy the chic lifestyle at these ventures. 

2.1. Assurance of Safety

The presence of an extra boundary encircling the walls of our house gives us the assurance of more safety. All the ventures of Tripura are gated communities, hence safety and security is vigilant. No outsider can cross the entrance without the knowledge of the security at the entrance. CCTV cameras are also installed 

for surveillance. Monitored and controlled atmosphere provides mental peace. Explore the ventures of Tripura and get to know about their safe atmosphere.

2.2. Maintains Health of its Residents

After facing the woes of the pandemic we all have become more health conscious. We need to boost our immune system and maintain our health. The jogging tracks, parks, fully loaded gym and swimming pools help to maintain the health of its residents. Outdoor sports and a number of indoor games in the Clubhouse leave a positive impact and enhance the mental and physical fitness of the body. 

2.3. Feast for the Eyes

Vast areas of Tripura are covered with immaculate lawns and parks, serve as a feast for the eyes. Away from the noise of the cities, these ventures maintain a well manicured environment which promotes peace and a sense of well-being. The charming flowers and plants create an aesthetic sense and force us to admire and appreciate nature. Explore the aesthetic atmosphere at the ventures of Tripura and let your life experience the beauty of nature.

2.4. Array of Amenities

An array of amenities welcomes the residents of all ages. These ventures offer a luxurious and affluent lifestyle that includes a swimming pool, gymnasium, sports for all ages, jogging tracks, a fully loaded Clubhouse and much more. The Clubhouse houses recreational facilities, indoor games, Multifunctional Hall, gym, and a number of indoor games making it the best spot for leisure. All residents of Tripura ventures get easy access to communal facilities. These include all the luxurious amenities and also the public areas inside the boundaries of the venture. They also develop friendly ties as they share these amenities. Luxurious amenities with high-income owners can make the lifestyle elite. Explore your life at Tripura where you get to socialize with like –minded people and develop a social circle for yourself. 

2.5. Healthy Returns

Explore the amenities at the ventures of Tripura and get an abode for yourself. This asset is sure to fetch healthy returns in future. Location of a venture plays a major role in getting healthy returns and all the ventures of Tripura are located in perfect locations where one can enjoy the infrastructure as well as the transport facilities. With luxurious amenities, well-ventilated houses surrounded by aesthetic environment and good locations, these houses will gather good returns over a period of time. Own an apartment or a villa in the ventures of Tripura and get healthy returns.



Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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