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Healthy Investments for Future | Tripura Constructions

Everyone with a status and who earns more than required, wants to multiply his earnings by investing in one or the other way. No doubt you can get good returns with a number of investments but at high risks. One should always go for healthy investments which can be helpful in future and not with those that come with a risk of loss. Real estate investment is considered as a healthy investment for future.

1. Investment options

There are a number of best investment options available in India which can avail maximum returns but with maximum risks. They are usually volatile and may crack down with changes around, like the pandemic, which has brought everyone on knees. People invest for various reasons like financial security, investment goals etc. Whatever be the reason of investment, it should always be a combination of high returns and low risk. Usually the returns and risks are directly proportional to each other which clearly states that, the more the risk, the more the returns. But in investments with more returns, the chances of loss are also more. One of the best healthy investments for future is the investment in land. With proper regulatory systems like RERA, chances of loss are almost nil and since ages, real estate investment has proved its mettle and remained the trust of many.  Let’s highlight on a few of the investment options which may fetch high returns but at the cost of high risk. 

1.1. PPF and MF

Public Provident Fund (PPF) and Mutual Funds (MF) can be considered as healthy investments for future but they come with their own pack of risks. Public Provident Fund is applicable to people those who are working in some organization. This does not apply to businessmen or those who want to invest but are not working anywhere. The invested money remains locked for 15 years and the main drawback is that one cannot withdraw it before the completion of 6 years. In case an investor of PPF needs a heavy amount for some emergency, then he has to either arrange it from somewhere or go for a loan on the PPF amount. This type of investment doesn’t look healthy for everyone.

Mutual Funds are also considered as one of the prominent investment options where one gets high returns over a long term. The risk of exposure is high and the returns are generated as per the market performance of the Mutual Fund. This type of investment cannot be availed by everyone as it requires some knowledge and skill to understand the market. Though a good investment, it cannot serve everyone with its returns.

1.2. Bonds and Fixed Deposits

These are also healthy investments for future but the drawback is that, they offer a fixed rate of interest; hence the investor gets fixed returns. These types of investments give financial stability and they are away from market fluctuations. They also need to have some basic understanding and knowledge to understand the procedure and the terms of investment.

1.3. Other Schemes and Investments

There are various other schemes which come with a package of risks and volatility. Lucrative offers may attract you and it may look like healthy investments for future but most of them may bring your investment to the ground as these schemes are usually loaded with risk factors and fluctuate with the market.

1.4. Real Estate Investment

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Similarly not every investment brings high returns and no risk. But there is one investment where you can be assured that your money is parked wisely and would generate good returns and that investment is real estate investment.  This is one of the favourite destinations of many and is also viewed as a hedge against inflation. Real estate investment not only gets good returns but also serves as legacy to your kin. Being resilient, real estate sector bounces back after every fall whereas the other investment sectors face a tragic loss.

This is considered as the best healthy investments for future as they come almost with no risk and high returns over a period of time. Real estate is one of the fastest growing sectors since ages and had been holding great prospects in different sectors. Investment in real estate is one of the best options as the risk is almost negligible and the chances of getting duped are also nil due to the regulations of this sector. It is a tangible asset and allows you to hold a portfolio too. You can get the investment liquidated when you get a high value for your property.  It is a long term investment option that provides stable earnings with reduced risk.

2. Healthy Investments for the Future

When you are planning to invest in real estate, then why not go in the residential sector where Tripura Constructions welcomes you with open arms. This is one of the best construction companies which adheres to three main principles – top quality residential homes, extremely competitive pricing and futuristic locations. Tripura Constructions has to its credit more than 12 residential ventures in and around the city of Hyderabad and with many in pipeline too. Its stunning and breathtaking ventures are innovative and had brought fame to the company. Elegant landscapes enhance the aesthetic senses and a fully loaded Clubhouse serves as perfect place for leisure and also a means to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All these ventures which are in pipeline are gated communities and offer a luxurious lifestyle with ample amenities and security round the clock.


Green Alpha goes with its name. You get to see green everywhere in this residential venture. Located in Tellapur, this is a vertical forest themed township with 2 and 3 BHK vibrant community apartments.  Spread over 5.15 acres of land, this is an innovative venture that serves as a healthy investment for future.  Tripura Landmark III at Bowrampet, offers 3BHK duplex independent luxurious villas in a gated community. All these villas are Vastu Compliant. Tripura Galaxy is another venture that is in pipeline at Tellapur. These are 2 and 3 BHK, well-ventilated apartments that suit the modern lifestyle of today’s generation. To conclude, Tripura Constructions is the right choice where you can go for healthy investments for the future.


Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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