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Why Children Love Gated Communities | Tripura Constructions

Children are the best Creations of God and we all feel elated when we see our children happy. Actually most of us enjoy the company of children and feel that the soul is healed in their presence. They spread joy everywhere and one can find joyful children in the ventures of Tripura Constructions. Children love gated communities of Tripura Ventures. Let’s see why they get attracted towards gated communities. 


1. What are Gated Communities

Gated Communities are residential ventures which are enclosed by definite boundaries and the gates are controlled by security who in turn control access to the area. Gated communities offer affordable as well as luxury homes with all basic requirements. Most of the gated communities also offer lavish lifestyle with magnificent amenities and super specifications. One can relish life at the ventures of Tripura Constructions because all those are gated communities which pocket a comfy lifestyle for its residents.

Gated Community


2. Children Love Gated Communities

It is a fact that gated communities attract children towards themselves. There are numerous reasons for this appeal. Luxurious gated communities have special areas allotted for children in the form of parks and Kids’ Play Area which gives them liberty to play with kids of their age and at times with older ones also. A separate swimming pool for kids becomes an added pearl in the string of amenities. There are numerous indoor games and outdoor sports that help in the overall development of a child. Children love to play sports and games, be it indoor or outdoor. Sports and games in itself play an essential role and impart health and happiness to the children. Structured or unstructured sports and games make the children joyful.

A swimming pool, especially if an exclusive one for children, will make them happy to the core. They have a fun-time at the pool. Water based activities, especially swimming helps to improve mental health as well as makes them joyful. Children enjoy at the pool with others of their age if it is exclusively for kids, otherwise with people of all ages. They learn to be confident and happy. Children love gated communities because they find a variety of games and sports. They also find a number of children to play and enjoy with. They can have a memorable childhood as they grow with other children of the society. 

3. Gated Communities Aid Personality Development

Most of the gated communities have given special preference to kids. They are like buds and the future of the nation. They should be nurtured with care. Not only education, they should get a holistic development which includes personality development too. Every child has his own unique personality but the surroundings in which he is brought up also plays a major role in shaping the personality. Gated communities also lend a helping hand in developing the personality traits of children and groom them into confident and bold youngsters. 


Gated communities with elite amenities, like Tripura Galaxy, Green Alpha, Tripura Landmark III are some of the ventures of Tripura Constructions which have exclusive area for kids. A separate kids’ pool is also available in selected gated communities. These are the spots where children get a chance to develop their personality. Security is at its best in gated communities and elders need not accompany their children to these special areas as they are under the control of security. Let the children go alone to these areas, without any supervision. Children develop confidence and courage when they are left on their own, otherwise they get used to being protected and may not develop these traits. They also learn how to treat and respect others. They learn to maintain self-esteem. Gated communities provide opportunities to inculcate these values and practices which can groom the children into positive individuals. Gated communities help to develop your child’s personality.


Parents should support unstructured or free play time. This teaches their children values like sharing, caring, team spirit and even resilience. Games and sports turn out to be the best activities for personality development. Field play and sports teach a number of values in addition to imparting good health. Sports pull out children from stress of academics and keep them cheerful.  

4. Gated Communities of Tripura Constructions

Tripura Construction, a brand name in real estate has a number of applauded ventures to its credit. All its ventures promise quality construction with a cluster of amenities. Children love these gated communities as they have a lot of entertainment factors here. All children love to swim but in normal conditions they don’t get this opportunity frequently but in the ventures of Tripura Construction, a swimming pool is in- built in every project. So children get a free chance to swim whenever they want to. Moreover it will be free of cost. All the amenities are shared by the residents and anyone can utilize it anytime. Tripura Galaxy, Tripura Landmark III and Green Alpha of Tripura Constructions boast of huge Clubhouses in their projects with numerous factors that can attract children. Various indoor games like billiards, chess, carom etc improve the mental health of children. Cricket net and Badminton Court are yet other major attractions of these ventures. Children love sports and these games strengthen their physical health. They love to form teams and play matches. Children also love to cycle and nowadays it is hard to find a safe place to cycle. Hence children love gated communities as they are free to ride their cycles without any restrictions. They also get ample space to run and play in the parks with beautiful landscapes around. Trees and plants in the parks offer quality air and make the lungs strong. These are perfect spots for children to play and shed off extra energy. An amphitheatre serves as a cherry on the cake for all ages of children. They love to spend time at amphitheatre and enjoy cartoons on a bigger screen. So gated communities are loved and appreciated not only by elders but also by children. They create lovely memories with other kids of their age at different spots of their society. Children grow in pollution free environment and breathe quality air. All these leave a positive effect on their health. To conclude we can say that children of all ages love gated communities.


Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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