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Healthy Environment at the Ventures of Tripura | Tripura Constructions

In today’s world we find pollution everywhere, be it air pollution or noise pollution. Most of us have realized that a healthy body not only requires healthy food but it also requires a healthy environment. Tripura Constructions have already sensed this sensitive issue and taken all necessary efforts to create a healthy environment at their ventures. Let’s see how a healthy environment is created at the ventures of Tripura.

1. Impact of Plants and Vertical Gardens

Tripura Constructions have created Green Alpha, a vertical forest themed township at Tellapur. It is first of its kind with vertical gardens which contribute in a healthy environment. Green Alpha boasts of exterior as well as interior vertical gardens. These vertical gardens help in various ways in keeping the environment healthy. Not only Green Alpha, the other ventures of Tripura are also loaded with greenery and plants. They reduce the temperature and insulate a home from heat, air pollution and noise.  They provide shade and also reduce the temperature inside the house. The plants regulate humidity and produce fresh oxygen. The residents of the ventures of Tripura get fresh strength that boosts to face the chaotic life. These plants offer a number of benefits along with creating a healthy environment. They also improve the quality of air making it pure to inhale.

2. Proper Ventilation

It is essential to have good quality air even inside the house. The villas and apartments built by Tripura Constructions have perfect ventilation which keeps the family healthy and the inside of the house will provide a feel of comfort. Indoor plants in apartments of Green Alpha are aesthetically designed for gorgeous looks and extraordinary comfort. Equipped with modern facilities, the apartments and villas are well-ventilated to create a healthy environment. They also provide fresh oxygen, healthy environment and keeps the inside atmosphere fresh. A few advantages of proper ventilation are mentioned below.

2.1. Controls Moisture

Moisture which is created inside the house should be controlled. If there is no proper ventilation, then the moisture created from showers, cooking and various other activities related to water start building up and may develop fungus or stale smell inside the house. 

2.2. Keeps House Free from Volatile Organic Compounds

Unknowingly we use a lot of compounds that are volatile and if there is no proper ventilation then the vapours from these products are inhaled by us in large quantities and this is not good for health. Air fresheners, nail polish, cleaning products or personal care products are often harmful if inhaled more. Proper ventilation will reduce this peril. 

2.3. Reduces the Risk of Breathing Attacks

In close homes where proper ventilation is lacking, the chances of inhaling dust and various other components that get trapped inside the house will increase thus giving way to allergy or asthma. Houses in the ventures of Tripura Constructions are well ventilated and in turn create a healthy environment. Proper positioning of windows, doors, balconies and terrace is taken care of right from the planning till the execution.

3. All Rounded Childhood

The ventures of Tripura Constructions always have a special corner for the all round development of childhood. A kids’ corner helps your child to take up some physical exercises with other children of the society instead of being glued at home or with the computer games. They become independent when they find themselves without ant guidance. Parents need not accompany their children to the kids’ area because it is absolutely safe from imposters. Being gated communities all the ventures of Tripura have a vigilant security system. Kids surrounded by green spaces experience physical and cognitive development. They learn humility and begin to love nature when they are surrounded by greenery, beautiful gardens and trees.

4. Best of Amenities

A plethora of amenities are available at the ventures of Tripura Constructions. An expansive Clubhouse and a host of recreational facilities are available for the residents where Entertainment and leisure are also taken care of. The ongoing ventures like Tripura Landmark III at Bowrampet, Green Alpha and Tripura Galaxy at Tellapur offer an elegant and healthy lifestyle through an array of amenities. The fully loaded Clubhouse with a well-equipped gym and recreational room for yoga and meditation are a perfect means of keeping the residents healthy. These villas and apartments offer luxurious comfort and an elegant lifestyle. They are built magnificently and include a swimming pool, various indoor and outdoor games and sports that will rejuvenate the leisure as well as help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One can find ample leisure options at the ventures of Tripura Constructions.

5. Green and Healthy Environment

The ventures of Tripura Constructions are spread over a vast expanse leaving more than 50% of land for greenery and landscapes. These aesthetically designed surroundings bring a magical touch in your lives. They are constructed in such   areas where beauty of nature spreads its wings and offers you a healthy atmosphere to breathe. The atmosphere and the area where a person lives contribute a lot in maintaining the health. The well designed landscapes are an oasis of tranquility and freshness where one can get only pure air to breathe. The ventures of Tripura are designed keeping in view the health of its residents. These are ideal locations which are free from noise and air pollution. Noise pollution is reduced as the ventures are set on vast expanses of land with a lot of open spaces around the constructed structures. The beautifully designed landscapes, greenery, plants like shrubs and trees keep the environment free from air pollution. The ventures of Tripura has a vast expanse of open spaces with manicured lawns and landscaped gardens. The constructed structures are surrounded by ample greenery with various types of plants, trees and shrubs. Proper ventilation also contributes in creating a healthy atmosphere. Good health requires a healthy body and a healthy environment and one can find a healthy environment that nourishes the body at the ventures of Tripura. These ventures are a part of the solution rather than being a part of pollution. Grab a healthy lifestyle at the ventures of Tripura Constructions where a healthy environment is given the utmost importance.

Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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