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Greenery, green plants and green, green, green. Everyone is talking about green. All of us are trying our best either to make our environment green or to live in a green environment. Even the residential spaces are also turning green. Tripura Constructions have gone an extra mile and created Green Alpha, a vertical forest themed township, at Tellapur, a first of its kind and a unique feature in the real estate sector. Green Alpha is the first ever high-rise gated community in Hyderabad with vertical gardens, indoor and outdoor.


1.What is a Vertical Garden

2.Exterior & Interior Vertical Gardens

3.Watering and Maintenance of Vertical Gardens

4.Vertical Forest at Green Alpha

5.Impact of Vertical Garden in Summer

    5.1. Reduces Temperatures – Outdoors & Indoors

    5.2. Lowers Energy Bills

    5.3. Manages Humidity

6.Wrap Up


1. What is a Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is created by growing plants on vertical built structures or vertically suspended panels by using hydroponics. It is an indoor or outdoor modular planter which supports plants and helps grow vertically. These can also be grown on fences, posts, trellises and walls instead of growing on the ground. Unlike potted plants, these vertical gardens do not take up space on the ground. It is a brilliant substitute to potted plants. These are large panels set up vertically to give an amazing and soothing pleasure to the eyes.

2. Exterior & Interior Vertical Gardens

Green Alpha flourishes with exterior as well as interior vertical gardens. The exterior forest gains advantage of natural and direct sunlight that makes them thrive. Plants are carefully chosen as per the climate of the location. Interior gardens have a panel or tray system which is easy to maintain. 

Clusia rosea, Plumeria alba, Ficus lyrata , Mesua ferrea , Alocasia macrrorhizzos ‘lutea, Calathea lutea, Rhapis multifida, Helicoia psittacorum red & yellow, Cannas variegated, Hymenocallis Broad Leaf .. etc are some of the plants that are found in Green Alpha of Tripura Constructions. Shrubs and Trees of varying sizes from 3’ to 18’ can be seen in Green Alpha. 

3. Watering and Maintenance of Vertical Gardens

Watering a vertical garden can be manual or a drip irrigation set-up. If one is inclined for manual watering, then it is as simple as using a long-spout watering can. 

Green Alpha has an automatic watering system that drips water into the top level of vertical garden, and the underlying levels are watered one after the other through a trickle-down system that is built right into the planter. Moisture sensors are aligned with timers to irrigate planter pockets. A reservoir indoor system can be used for indoor gardens. Drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation system that has the potential to save water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, the goal is to place water directly into the root zone and minimize evaporation.

Moisture Sensors are installed to Balcony planters to have constant surveillance on Moisture levels in soil and an automated irrigation system will work accordingly.

4. Vertical Forest at Green Alpha

The Vertical Forest is the prototype building for a new format of architectural biodiversity which focuses not only on human beings but also on the relationship between humans and other living species. Vertical Forest increases biodiversity; it promotes the formation of an urban ecosystem where various types of plants create a separate vertical environment, able to be inhabited by birds and insects. Tropical landscape design is fun, vibrant, and lush outdoor space that complements a variety of architectural styles. The design provides a relaxing escape from the busy everyday routine. The evergreen elements of tropical floras transform familiar daytime surroundings into dynamic, and memorable, silhouetted sceneries and increase biodiversity.

5. Impact of Vertical Garden in Summer

Vertical gardens are more than just a trendy design feature. They help reduce heat in your home, bring down cooling costs and save emissions in the process. It also improves air quality. Let’s highlight the impact of vertical gardens in Summer.

5.1. Reduces Temperatures – Outdoors & Indoors

A vertical garden against a wall works like an extra layer of insulation against heat. It reduces heat transmission. Vertical gardens insulate a home from heat, air pollution and noise. They cover the atmosphere like a shield and regulate temperature by cooling and shading. This lowers the temperature inside the house. The living wall and green facade reduces indoor temperatures up to 4°C and 3°C, respectively. The surface of a vertical garden can be 10°C cooler because plants absorb the heat from the sun as well as slowing down air movement. The plants are planted to create a curtain that can regulate humidity and produce fresh oxygen. Further, the temperatures are controlled in a passive manner defining indoor living. Green Alpha displays the artistic beauty of enviable green settings.

5.2. Lowers Energy Bills

One has to pay hefty bills during the months of summer as there is more consumption of energy during these hot months. With Vertical gardens, the inside of the house remains cool and can down the cost by almost 20% in summer. Due to reduced temperatures, 33% less air conditioning will be required in summer resulting in energy saving. Indoor plants also have their own actions. They slow down airflow and cool down the air resulting in lowering of energy bills. The drop in energy costs is appealing. Not only outdoor plants but also indoor plants help in conserving energy

5.3. Manages Humidity

Summers as we all know are very hot and dry. Presence of vertical forests reduces the temperatures of the incoming rays from the sun and the transpiration of plants maintains the humidity of the atmosphere. Vertical Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to proceed with the daily chaotic life. A dose of nature is very much required in this busy life and Green Alpha has brought this shot for you. The plants are specifically chosen to act as a curtain, regulating humidity and producing fresh oxygen. Plants can reduce temperatures by almost 10 degrees when they release moisture into a warm room.

6.Wrap Up

Green Alpha has planted the vertical gardens strategically. These vertical gardens and indoor plants break vertical airflow and this in turn slows and cools down the air. Cool air lowers the air temperature around the intake valves of air conditioning units. Therefore these units will require less energy to cool the air before it is circulated in a house. Vertical Gardens at Green Alpha, not only add beauty and value to the property but also carries a number of benefits to the residents. They improve the quality of the air. They also help to reduce the temperature of the surroundings.

To plant a garden is to have complete faith in tomorrow because it is trees which contribute in purification of air. Every flower is like a soul that blossoms in nature. Money can’t give you happiness the way a garden cherishes. So let your life bloom at Green Alpha and you breathe clean air in a cool atmosphere. 


Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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