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TO own a property is the dream of everyone. For that, one should have sufficient knowledge and find out- how to buy a property. In this way you cannot be deceived by any swindler. It is time to find out – how to buy a property.


1.Expensive Investment 

2.Land Use Conversion & Approvals

3.RERA Compliance

4.Builder Reputation

5.Resale & Rental Prospects

6.Verification of Legal Documents for resale property

7.Get Assured Before You Buy a Property


1. Expensive Investment                                                                                                                                        

Plans and Dreams go on throughout our lives. We dream day in and day out and plan to fulfil our desires. Purchasing a property, especially a home is the dream of all. Many are able to fulfil their dreams but there are many more yet to do so. The government and the developers have made buying a home more lucrative and easy after the pandemic. The affordable houses have become more affordable. Buying a home, be it a ready to move in or a resale property or under construction one or even a plot; is one of the most expensive investments of life, so it should be achieved with utmost precautions. 

2. Land Use Conversion & Approvals

In some states, acres of agricultural land is being taken into urban limits and it is essential to find out if that agricultural land has really been converted to residential use. Such conversion is not supported by many states. So it is important to check the legal status of land before the purchase. 

One should also check if there is any reservation by the government or any other party on the land you are planning to buy. The property should have a clear title and be free from encumbrances. All the approvals should be checked. The buyer must also check with the Master plan to satisfy that the property is in accordance with the zoning plan. 

If an apartment or land with constructed buildings is the target, then the buyer has to check the layout or building plan which has to be sanctioned by the local municipal authorities. Not only this, all the approvals issued by the government and regulatory authorities for providing infrastructure facilities like water, sewage, electricity etc. has to be verified.  

3. RERA Compliance

As per RERA all developers should register their projects with RERA before they promote the sale of their project. If the buyer plans to opt for an apartment in a project, then definitely he should verify if that particular project is registered with RERA. On the same portal he also can come to know if there are any complaints filed against the developer. That would save him from the later issues. If a buyer approaches any real estate agent, then he should check on the site of RERA if that agent has registered himself there because the law mandates all real estate agents to register with RERA in order to work legally.

4. Builder Reputation

If you are planning to go for an apartment in a project or taking the services of a builder in construction on your plot, it is necessary to choose a reputed and trusted real estate developer. A renowned builder will obtain all relevant legal permits and documents required for the same. Moreover the registration with RERA is also of utmost importance so that transparency is ensured in all transactions. Furthermore one can be assured of quality construction if the builder is of reputed brand. Selection of a developer or builder can be done easily by a thorough research on social media.

5. Resale & Rental Prospects

People buy a house with a lot of emotions and a firm thought of spending their entire life in it. But things won’t remain the same always. If in future, one gets a better house or for some other reasons one needs to sell the house, then he should get handsome returns for his asset. So, it is very much required to purchase a property which has a good resale potential.

A house should also have rental prospects. If one plans to rent it out, then he should be able to get good rental income. So location of the property with basic necessities and well developed infrastructure should also be checked before you buy a property. 

6. Verification of Legal Documents for resale property

 (a) Clear Title : 

A property should have a clear title that means the title deed that proclaims about the chain of ownership on a property  should confirm that the seller of the property has the right title to sell it. All documents related to the property for a period of 30 yrs, if not, for at least 12 years, should be examined.  All documents should be stamped and registered at the office of the jurisdictional sub-registrar of assurances. All original title documents should be available with the seller.

(b) Encumbrance Certificate :

This declares that the property is free from all legal dues. The title should be free from all encumbrances. The buyer can also issue a public notice in newspapers prior to completing the transaction, to check if there are any other claims for the same property.

(c) Release Certificate :

This is very much required if the property is on resale. One has to get this certificate from the bank which declares that the loan if taken on the property has been repaid.

(d) Property Tax :

Tax receipts should be checked in case of resale property. Non payment of property taxes  leads to penalty.

7. Get Assured Before You Buy a Property

Layout should be approved by GHMC, HMDA or DT & CP Project should be in compliance and registered with RERA Release Certificate to be verified
Title deeds and encumbrance should be checked Sale  deed and encumbrance certificate  should be checked Title deeds and encumbrance should be checked
Plot status has to be verified –if it is government land, ceiling land etc. Infrastructure and amenities should be checked. Tax receipts should be collected 
Check if open spaces and parks are covered in layouts Building plan should be approved by GHMC or HMDA Verification of the title and ownership of the seller is of utmost importance
Should have Land Regularisation Scheme Approval – if

not approved under layout, registered link documents before 28 Oct 2015 should be checked

Legal status of land has to be checked and should get Occupancy Certificate  Construction approvals are necessary

Real estate is certainly one of the most recommended and safest investments. Being a tangible asset, there is no chance of it getting lost. One can get assured of good returns from this asset over a period of time but it is very essential to find out about a few aspects before investing or planning to buy a property. Self help is the best help and to avoid regret in future, it is better to gain some knowledge about the property in which you are planning to invest. Precaution is better than cure. 


Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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