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Investment in Real Estate – A Safe Step

“Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way but the only way to become wealthy.” Marshall Field



1.Choose From the Options

  1.1. Tangible Asset : Real Estate investment

  1.2. More Options with Handsome Returns

  1.3. Rare Loss

  1.4. Extra Income to Rely Upon : Real estate investment 

  1.5. Anyone can Invest

  1.6. Contented Life

2.A Safe Step 


1. Choose From the Options 

 As we all know, there are numerous options for investments and each one comes with its own package of pros and cons. One needs to research a lot before finalizing on any investment. Being hard earned money, it cannot be dumped in a sector of challenges. There are some investments which get quite volatile but also face a lot of risks. People prefer to invest in gold, stocks, shares, fixed deposits, business and property. Real estate investment has always been considered to be a safe step. This investment has a number of benefits to its credit. All the other forms of investment had taken a severe hit in the drastic times of pandemic. Even real estate investment was also targeted but it bounced back very soon as compared to the other investments. So, one can proclaim that real estate investment is a safe step. Here are a few reasons that highlight on the fact that real estate investment is a safe step.

1.1. Tangible Asset :

Real Estate investment is a tangible asset – means it can be perceived with the sense of touch not like some other assets which are virtual. Investing in real estate by procuring a property is considered as one of the best options. It is the most safe and reliable form of investment. An asset comes to the rescue of the owner in times of crisis, so is true with this tangible asset. One can sell it, mortgage it, gift it or can enjoy its benefits. It is an immovable asset and cannot be stolen.

1.2. More Options with Handsome Returns : 

One enjoys different types of real estate investments , but the fact is, all are safe to invest. Real estate investment can be residential, commercial or plots. If the investment is in the residential sector, then one can either utilize it to live in it or can rent it out. Commercial sector is purely for income. People have become wealthy just by earning from the commercial sector. As the prices of real estate soar with time, then one can get handsome returns in long term investment.

1.3. Rare Loss :

When the investment is in stocks, shares or any business- the risk of loss is higher. Anyhow, this is not expected in real estate investment. The savings are always safe. They are not only safe but also swell up overtime. It is very true that the value of properties always increase over a period of time. Even in times of economical crisis or other factors, prices of properties were not affected much. They might have taken a drop for a short while but jumped back to previous rates. Value of properties appreciates over time and this investment hardly faces any loss. Investment in real estate is a long term commitment and barely gets affected with political or economic factors.

1.4. Extra Income to Rely Upon :

Real estate investment is very flexible. If one has a place to live and he is investing in a second house, then that can be rented out so that a source of extra income is created. There are always people who are in need of rented houses, so one can always have a constant income from rent. Actually there are people around whose only source of income is rent from their real estate investments.  Having a property gives more stability and security in life. It is a safe step to safeguard the savings. It also gives an assurance in times of grief. One can sell it and obtain a large amount in crisis. Property investment works as a cushion in times of financial distress.

1.5. Anyone can Invest :

This is an undemanding investment. It does not require any special skills or any type of knowledge and anyone can invest in real estate. Other investments like shares and stocks need some skills and knowledge and everyone cannot handle this investment. Real estate investment is the easiest one and can be managed by anyone. 

1.6. Contented Life :

One can invest in any type of real estate investment and can get assured of good returns. The feeling of owning a property cannot be compared to any other feeling. It gives a sense of satisfaction and one can lead a happy and contented life. It also assures you of support when things get hard in life. This investment can pull you out in a financial crisis. Real estate investment not only serves you in the days of glory but also gives a peaceful life in your days of retirement.

2. A Safe Step 

There are ample number of investments like investing in gold, stocks, business, real estate investment or investing in business but the best and safe step is the investment in real estate. Risk of Financial loss is the maximum in all types of other investments. Keeping the gold safely is itself a risk. One cannot take the risk of keeping at home due to the threat of theft. Nowadays we often hear about banks closing down, so, one again hesitates to deposit in a bank until and unless it is a reputed one. One also hesitates to go for fixed deposits because the interest rate has come down and it is not as lucrative like before. One needs a sharp mind and special skills to invest in stocks or business. That investment, though volatile, has many risk factors. The best and safe investment is real estate investment which does not require any talent or skill and can be taken up by anyone. Chances of risk are meager. It is not much affected by the surrounding disturbances like politics and economics. The drastic pandemic had almost trembled all the businesses as well as investments and had incurred huge losses. Real estate was also hit badly but surprisingly it hopped back in a few months – very early as compared to other investments. Not only hopped back, it has also become very stable. This shows that investment in real estate is a safe step and is comparatively less risky. Another aspect of real estate investment is that it provides us shelter as home is one of the basic requirements of life. Thus investing in real estate will not only secure the savings but also offers shelter to you and your family in this generation and also to the coming generations. One always enjoys the benefits from real estate investment. Hardly anyone has seen the values depreciating. This investment promises good returns. It is an asset that can be used by many generations. In the date of today, one can also enjoy all the amenities that come as a package with your investment in real estate – be it in the residential or commercial sector.

To conclude, one can say that investment in real estate is a safe bet.

 “The best investment on Earth is Earth”. –Louis Glickman.



Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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