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Landscapes Are Gaining Popularity in Real Estate

One cannot determine the value of trees and plants, it is infinite. Nature creates beauty and a walk with nature gives more than one deserves. You don’t have to go far. Landscapes in gated communities are created to enhance the beauty of the society as well as the surroundings. Landscapes are gaining popularity in real estate.


1.Shift towards Green

2.What is Landscaping

    • Beautifies the surroundings
    • Maintains ecological Balance
    • Provides a Purpose
    • Innovations Displayed
    • Adds Value to Price
    • Purifies Air
    • Reduces Pollution
    • Reduces Stress


3.Landscapes Gaining Popularity


1. Shift towards Green

Life demands a shift towards green and sustainable housing due to fast erosion of natural resources. Green living is becoming the future of real estate. This sector has witnessed remarkable transformation in the past years and now it is heading towards environment friendly and sustainable homes. Green homes and healthy living goes hand in hand. Green homes are in demand which have ample landscapes in its society. Nowadays people are choosing eco-conscious living. 

2. What is Landscaping ?

 Landscaping is an organic planted environment created by man that can survive in normal conditions and do not require much of effort. It doesn’t need much care and expenditure.  It thrives in normal climatic conditions with less use of pesticides and negative environmental bang. These are eco-friendly and the styles and designs of landscapes can be stunning and mesmerising. Landscaping enhances the lifestyle in addition to providing a number of advantages like:

a)Beautifies the surroundings 

 The lush green landscapes give an aesthetic touch to the surroundings. You can gift yourself a chunk of nature as and when you want .Colours are created when nature smiles- that means the colourful flowers are the smile of nature. These aesthetically shaped landscapes force us to appreciate the beauty of plants. No one can deny the beauty of flowers. Plants come in many types so is the case with flowers. Ample colours are available to enhance the beauty. Plants, be it indoors or outdoors, attract everyone. Landscapes are quiet and peaceful escape areas and are gaining popularity.

b) Maintains ecological Balance 

 Plants and trees play a vital role in maintaining an overall ecological balance and landscapes have a number of plants, trees and creepers. They are the main form of life on the planet. Plants provide shelter to millions of organisms. They also absorb the carbon dioxide released by humans and animals and return oxygen which is pure. Plants act as regulators on Earth and without them life is impossible because, the atmosphere may get filled with carbon dioxide when no plants are there to absorb that. Plants are important part of food chain and maintain ecological balance. Indirectly we can say that landscapes contribute in maintaining ecological balance of that area. Landscapes in gated communities are environment friendly and the idea behind it is to maintain ecological harmony.

c) Provides a Purpose 

 Landscapes help to reduce the temperatures in summers and keep you warm in winters, thus reducing the costs of cooling and heating in those seasons. Children’s Play areas, jogging tracks, and various other amenities of the gated communities are placed judiciously among the landscapes, thus providing a cleaner and refreshing breath to the residents who come out in their leisure. Kids who play in green atmosphere are physically active and fit. They are said to experience cognitive development. They also learn to interact with nature which teaches them humility and also gives them an opportunity to respect the surroundings.

A well planned landscape can reduce the cost of air-conditioning by 15% or so. Grass is a natural coolant. Trees and thick green foliage blocks the heat of the sun on windows and walls and reduces the temperature of the house, both outside and inside. Trees are so properly planted that their shade reduces the heat that is reflected from the ground to the walls and windows. In this way the consumption of energy is taken care of. Shrubs and vines provide an air space creating insulation all round the year.

d) Innovations Displayed 

 Various innovative ways are incorporated in landscapes. They can be terrace gardens, vertical garden designs, or green front elevations that give a spectacular look and lively feeling to the structure. Terrace garden or roof garden, a beautiful concept to give a maxing look as well as utilize the space in limited areas. Plants on the roof cools down the temperature of the building and in some cases, it retains rainwater and helps to increase biodiversity. An addition of artificial fountains or tiny waterfalls adds to the beauty of landscapes. They give an amazing look to the exteriors. Communities nestled in green landscapes are blissful dwellings to live in. Landscapes are gaining popularity.

Tripura Constructions have introduced Vertical Forest theme at Green Alpha, their new luxurious venture at Tellapur. It is one of its kind. These are vertical gardens with a dense green forest – wrap like elegance, forming an exquisite canopy over the township of Green Alpha at Tellapur. A lavish expanse of 57% open area is available in this venture which holds ample scenic landscapes. Vertical gardens help to reduce and filter pollutants and carbon dioxide from air and benefits even those who are living nearby as the quality of the air is improved. Landscapes are already popular in Tripura Constructions.

e)Adds Value to Price 

 Landscaping not only redefines the area, but it also enhances the property value. Landscapes add to the beauty of the environment thus giving a pleasing and soothing affect to the eyes. Property value increases when there are green landscapes around. This shows that landscapes are gaining popularity.

f) Purifies Air 

 Plants and trees are the main source of oxygen which is the main building block of life. Plants absorb carbon dioxide in the presence of sunlight and gives out oxygen, thus purifying the air in the area where they are planted. As these plants are planted in the landscapes of the communities, then, naturally they purify the atmosphere of the communities. In this way the air is pure in these communities. Pure air, without pollution, definitely provides a healthy atmosphere. 

g) Reduces Pollution 
 Trees muffle the loud sound of the traffic and the wind passing through the leaves help in reducing the intensity of the sound. Usually the trees and shrubs are designed in a particular order so that can they reduce the noise levels. In this way they help to reduce noise pollution.  Trees also reduce the air pollution by giving out pure oxygen which is an essential element of life. Plants capture the dust from the surroundings. All of us, who live in the city, breathe in smoke and dust particles along with air because this has become a part of the polluted atmosphere. This is one of the reasons that residential projects are including lawns and landscapes that help to cleanse the air. Tripura Constructions have gone an extra mile as they have included tree canopies in their project Green Alpha at Tellapur. These canopies increase the oxygen levels and purify the air.
h) Reduces Stress 

 The more greenery the more relief- Time spent in this environment is not only delightful but also healthy. A look at the green and the peaceful atmosphere and a walk or jog will relieve you from the hectic day’s schedule and help you adopt a positive attitude and a good mood. People living in greener areas exhibit lower stress levels and exhibit very less health issue. Expenses are also reduced as there are very less health issues as compared to life in polluted areas.

3. Landscapes Gaining Popularity 

 Landscaping is becoming the trend of today. Landscapes are gaining popularity. The value of greenery and trees is boundless. Landscaping is an art of growing plants, shrubs and trees. The basic notion is to beautify the area around. In addition to giving beauty to the surroundings, landscapes have other advantages also. Landscaping offers benefits in various forms. The outdoors are astonishingly fresh. The beautiful landscapes attract birds and butterflies. They help to reduce the toxins in the air naturally and also take an active part in pollination. Landscapes are a means of contributing to nature. These are expanded breathing areas which provide clean and pure air. Hardscaping is to design elements such as stone walls, arbors, gazebos, pergolas that can elevate the scenic look. Ornamental grass can add to the beauty of the landscape.

 Join hands and contribute greenness in whichever form is possible. Tripura Constructions incorporates landscapes in its ventures and contributes in maintaining the ecological balance. Nature’s beauty is a reward that develops admiration and gratefulness. Nature is one of the most aesthetic creativity of God.


Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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