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All projects of Tripura Constructions are Vastu Compliant

‘There is no place like home. Home is a shelter from storms…. all sorts of storms, seen and unseen.’ WILLIAM J. BENNETT

Some of  the unseen storms that come in life can be avoided before they arrive. This can be done by taking some initial precautions before getting a house constructed. That precaution is to follow Vastu principles.  



1.Calm & Prosperous Life 

2.What is Vastu Shastra  

3.Five Elements of Universe

4.Benefits of Vastu

5.Vastu Tips for your Abode

6.Tripura & Vastu


1.Calm & Prosperous Life

Who doesn’t want a prosperous and calm life? Each one of us dream and aspire for a happy and peaceful life.  We always pray for peace and happiness, positivity and many more things. One scientific way to achieve  positivity is through taking care of positive energies that enter the house. For the positive energies to enter the  house, one has to take care of Vastu of the house. Right from getting the land, designing, construction and  obtaining the house, Vastu Shastra should be given prominence. Before purchasing a home it is necessary to  adhere to the rules of Vastu. Tripura Constructions obliges to the rules of Vastu and their homes are   – Homes of Happiness. 

All of us hear the word Vastu and we know that it is important to consider the rules of Vastu when we  construct or buy a new house but most of us are not fully aware of it. We don’t know what exactly it is and  why it is important. 

2.What is Vastu Shastra  

Vastu Shastra is an ancient and traditional form of Indian Architecture or building science which covers the  philosophy and theory of Architectural works to construct any building as well as living style of people. The  fundamentals of Vastu incorporate various sources of energy. Some energies are positive while others are  negative. Vastu shastra is based on 5 natural energies which are considered to be the elements of Universe.  Balancing these energies is the key to maintain peace and bring positivity in the house. Vastu aims to  eliminate negative energy and enhance positive energy present at a place so that it becomes prosperous and  progressive. 

3.Five Elements of Universe 

According to Vastu Shastra, the universe is built up of positive and negative energy and every building or  land has a vibration of energy connected with it. Vastu aims at removing the negative energy and enhancing  the positive energy. 

Vastu shastra describes the principles of ground preparation, design, layout, spatial geometry and space  arrangement. People believe that the five elements of nature cooperate to eliminate the hardships of life and  make it financially stable, if one follows the rules of Vastu Shastra for a house together with universal  principles. Vastu creates an aura of harmony and peace in your home. If construction goes on according to  Vastu preferences, then the house remains safe from negative energies and the same logic applies when one  moves into a new house. One needs to take the help of a Vastu expert to give the house a Vastu touch.  

The five elements of universe are Earth, Space, Air, Fire and Water. A proper balance of these elements  brings positivity in a home. Every element has a dominant direction as follows:

a) Earth : Also known as Prithvi dominates the center and diagonal directions in every corner. It is known for providing stability and patience. 

b) Air : It dominates East. It is also known as Vayu. It is known for bringing joy in life. c) Space : Also known as Akasha, it dominates West and is responsible for all forms of social energies. d) Fire : This represents confidence , money and success. It is also known as Agni and dominates South. 

e) Water : Also known as Jal, it is one of the major supporting elements of life. It dominates North and is associated with immunity and health. 

4.Benefits of Vastu :

A building designed incorporating the Vastu principles will affect the individuals in different ways. It can be physical, psychological or spiritual. Physically it provides good physical and mental health, comfort, harmony and fulfillment. Psychologically,  Vastu benefits by reducing stress levels, tension along with improving relationships and well-being. Inner  satisfaction and harmony is taken care of to cover the spiritual aspect. Vastu also improves Financial  Prosperity, gives stability to career and helps in Academic Growth. 

5.Vastu Tips for your Abode :

Here are a few Vastu tips to make your home a dream home with loads of positive energy and happiness.

a) Plot of the house : A square, rectangular or quadrangular shaped plot will bring positivity. 
b) Main Entrance : Through the entrance of the house , not only people but also energies flow in and out. North, East or North-East facing entrance is considered to be auspicious. As per Vastu, the main door should be constructed in a way to ensure that when you step out, you face north, east, or north-east direction and it  should be made of wood. 
c) Living Room : Ensure that a living room is clutter-free and is on the front side. East facing is considered to be lucky and North facing has also abundant benefits. It should face east, north or north-east.
d) Dining Hall : South-east or North-east will be the best position at a corner near the kitchen. 
e) Kitchen : An ideal Vastu –home will have kitchen in South-east direction because the Lord of Fire – Agni- prevails in that direction. 
f) Pooja Room : North-east corner on the ground floor will be the ideal place. It ensures spiritual growth.  Facing east while meditating will increase positivity.  
g) Study Room : North-east will lead good results in studies. 
h) The Bedroom : Being the most important room, the bedroom must always have positive aura round the Bedroom door must open to a maximum of 90%. Channelling of positivity in the room is very important. Your head must be towards South when you sleep as it is the most calming and comfortable  direction. Bedroom should not be stuffed with a lot of stuff. Free flow of light is very much essential. 
i) Kids room : This room should be in south-west direction. The kids should sleep with their heads towards the south or east, for peace of mind.
j) Master Bedroom : South-west is the ideal direction for a Vastu home. It should never be in the south-east  as this direction is governed by the fire element. 
k) Toilets : Toilets and bathrooms should be placed in the West and North-west directions. 
l) Proper ventilation : Ample sunlight and proper ventilation are essential elements of Vastu Positive energy enters with these two. It also facilitates the inflow of money. A house should be well  ventilated. 

6.Tripura & Vastu 

Vastu is the science of directions. It combines the 5 elements of Nature and balances them with man and  material. According to Vastu shastra everything in the universe has a level of energy. The universe is built of  positive and negative energy. Vastu aims at removing the negative energy and enhancing the positive energy  Vastu enhances your space, according to the principles of harmony and energy flow. Tripura Constructions takes care of Vastu in all its projects. All the projects of Tripura Constructions are Vastu Compliant. It has  become a vital part of our ventures. For a house to become a home it needs to radiate the right kind of energy  and Tripura Constructions takes care of it. Vastu compliant projects bring balanced energies to your dream  dwellings because Vastu Homes are Homes of Happiness. 

‘It’s not how big is the house, it’s how happy is the home because Home is the starting place of love, hope  and dreams’ 


Pallavi Krishna


– Written By Pallavi Krishna


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