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‘And into the forest, I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want and do it well. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy.’ – John Muir.

Take the power to own an apartment in Green Alpha.

1. Vertical Forest-Theme
2. Locality, Infrastructure & Nearby Employment Hubs
3. Majestic Green Alpha
4. Benefits of Dense Forest Cover
5. Royal Amenities
6. Safety & Security
7. Handsome Returns
8. Wrapping Up

1.Vertical Forest-Theme
Forest…doesn’t mean the forest with wild animals. It is a marvelous creation of Tripura Constructions where they have introduced the first-ever High-rise gated community with green buildings. These vertical gardens give the look of a dense green forest forming a canopy over Green Alpha. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to proceed with the daily chaotic life. A dose of nature is very much required in this busy life and we hardly get time to go to parks and relish nature. That’s the
reason; Tripura has brought a chunk of nature to add flavor to your lifestyle in the form of Green Alpha. Tall plants, thick shrubs, flowering creepers stretch all over the place and add elegance to the forest-themed apartments. Life is green in these Green Buildings.

2.Locality, Infrastructure & Nearby Employment Hubs
Green Alpha is located in Tellapur which is 20 min away from Mumbai Highway. Tellapur is adjacent to ORR. This locality is 50 min away from RGI Airport. Tellapur is close to Hyderabad Central University and BHEL, just within 5 km. Serilingampally and Nallagandla are some of the localities that are close to Tellapur. Various educational institutions and hospitals are in close proximity. Some of the prime employment hubs of Hyderabad like Gachibowli, Financial District, Hi-Tech City, and Wipro Circle are within a range of 20-40 min.

3.Majestic Green Alpha
‘Green Alpha’ is a vertical -forest themed township in Tellapur. The name is compatible with the theme. Spread over an area of 5.15 acres, these vertical forest themed apartments are like vertical gardens with a dense green forest – wrap like elegance, forming an exquisite covering over the township of Green Alpha. These are 6 majestically constructed towers with 10 floors in each.

Away from the sound and buzz of the noisy and polluted city atmosphere, a green and soothing area welcomes you with open arms. Life in Green Alpha is like living in the lap of Mother Nature with forest-like greenery and vertical forest themed 2, 3 BHK luxurious apartments. A lavish expanse of 57% open area flourishes with greenery. The flora can be witnessed not only above the towers as a canopy but also inside the apartments giving it a contemporary look. Own an apartment and live green in Green Alpha.

4.Benefits of Dense Forest Cover
Greenery regenerates biodiversity which in turn refers to the variety of living organisms. It also reduces noise pollution. The more varied greenery, the more life it will attract. The green cover attracts birds and insects to develop a harmonious relationship with the surroundings, making the space more pleasant. A wide range of plants will ensure a high degree of biodiversity. Forest theme isn’t just an ecosystem. It also provides a mood boost to those who wish to move away from the noise. The plants are specifically chosen
to act as a curtain, regulating humidity and producing fresh oxygen. They improve the quality of the air. They also help to reduce the temperature of the surroundings. Green Alpha presents an artistic exquisiteness of enviable green settings. Own an apartment in Green Alpha and live green. The green forest theme balances the Ecosystem and offers an aesthetic appearance to Green Alpha. It trims down the carbon emission and cuts on air pollution. Spending time outdoors and remaining close to nature can ensure longevity and detoxification of the body. It also helps to improve mental health.

5.Royal Amenities
Amenities have become a part and parcel of life but Green Alpha imparts a royal touch with an extra crunch. A Crèche, Restaurant, Guestrooms, and a Provision Store are the classy amenities in addition to the regular trendy features. Amphitheater is another luxury to spend leisure. Car Wash Bay for each tower is an incentive to the residents of Green Alpha. Grab the opportunity to live green in Green Alpha. Elegantly designed landscapes impart a majestic look to Green Alpha. It also has a Clubhouse and indoor
and outdoor activities for sports.

a) Club house
After the daily hectic schedule, each one of us desires a lifestyle that can give some relaxation. Green Alpha pockets a fully loaded 5 level clubhouse – a unique in its kind. Spread over 28,800 sq.ft. this sumptuous clubhouse offers a healthy atmosphere. An exclusive and completely equipped Club House for a hangout is the perfect place to loll in leisure. It includes a café or cafeteria, yoga and meditation rooms, to free your mind and soul from the daily hectic activities.

Swimming is not a luxury nowadays but an exercise. A swimming pool at Green Alpha gives privacy as it is only for the residents. Another posh amenity as well a means to keep ourselves fit is Gymnasium. A well-modified gym is accessible to the residents. 8 guest rooms are also provided for the guests. An ATM is also available inside the gated community.

The Clubhouse is a perfect place to make friends, socialize and know each other. It also helps to create a community feeling and offers more chances to uphold a friendly environment.

b) Sports
‘Health is the greatest wealth and it is not that easy to achieve’. Sports keep you fit and healthy when a physical activity becomes an energetic routine. Residents can enjoy indoor as well as outdoor games and keep themselves fit and fine.

6.Safety & Security
Security is not a necessity but it is one of the most priorities that are essential in our day-to-day life. Safety and security is the most coordinated and vigilant feature at Green Alpha. The entrance and exit are under the scrutiny of security personnel. Dedicated and trained security personnel form a healthy means of security. Under CCTV surveillance, safety has become one of the fundamentals of life. Proper precaution assures a protected and secure life. Safety in a gated community means safety from intruders as well as solicitors.

7.Handsome Returns
Being located in Tellapur, a well sought-after location, apartments in Green Alpha are more promising and prominent and will surely fetch handsome returns. Tellapur has witnessed remarkable development in residential as well as commercial sectors due to its fine infrastructure. This area is slowly converting to a commercial hub due to the presence of a few well known offices of IT sector. It is becoming an ideal place of residence for IT professionals. It is considered as one of the best locations for property investment. Apartments in Green Alpha are considered to yield better and appreciating returns.

8.Wrapping Up
Forest -themed Green Alpha is a sprawling luxury enclave with magnificent apartments that rejuvenate you and elevates the contemporary lifestyle. It is unique in its kind. The atmosphere at Green Alpha inspires you to live life to the fullest. It is a blend of modernity and elegance. It comprises of a unique design that assures a world-class lifestyle and a prestigious accommodation. ‘Come to the woods, for here is the rest. There is no repose like that of Green Alpha. Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better. Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual and even spiritual satisfaction. Nature is the art of God and that can be witnessed in Green Alpha’. – John Muir. So, give yourself an opportunity to live green in Green Alpha


– Written By Pallavi Krishna

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